February, 2017
Gillis is very excited to launch phase one of its newly designed website. Of particular note is a very extensive library of high quality photos that will provide our design and building community with numerous ideas and solutions, facilitating material selection & application. Enjoy the element of discovery associated with the site’s watermark of fossils and trace fossils.
March 2017
Gillis launches new lunch & learn to be presented in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Architectural Sales Consultant, Jackie Ilagan will be in touch in the near future to set up dates for your office.
December 2014
Gillis acquires new tile line from Italy enabling, for the first time in its history, locally produced 10mm thick tile.  Standard tiles are nominal 300 mm x 600 mm, available in Rubbed, Honed and Polished finishes.  Ideal for interior feature vertical and horizontal applications.  Machine can accommodate up to 70 mm thick x 600 mm wide stone.
March 2016
Gillis develops 90 mm high and 190 mm high L-CORNERS for its 20 mm bed thin veneer line, providing a more durable, permanent, robust, FULL BED look.
July 2013
Gillis acquires Park Industries CNC Machine, enabling them to cut the most sophisticated of cut stone elements. Longtime Manager of Drafting and Project Coordination, Graham Bergeron handles all the advanced programming.
In 2015 we welcomed Luis Garcia C.E.T. in Drafting & Project Coordination, and most recently in 2018 we were joined by Richa Malik B.Arch in Marketing, Allan Molino in Estimating, Maria Seminiano in Accounting & Payroll, and Jody Bartel in Shipping.  These new hires shore up our commitment to industry leading customer service and need satisfaction.

After 35 years of quarry dust, stalwart Paul Skrupki was appointed Plant Superintendent to replace Phill Winicki who retired from Gillis after almost 40 years. We congratulate Paul and wish Phill all the best with our thanks for his years of service.

Summer 2017
The Drafting & Project Coordination department will be relocating to the quarry in Garson, MB.  This move will provide for improved communication between production and drafting.

Gillis’ technical team all comes from professional backgrounds, reinforcing Gillis Quarries’ consultative approach and unique expertise in natural limestone production.
September 2016
Gillis Quarries Limited is now on INSTAGRAM.  Follow us as we share the creativity and innovation of our incomparable design community.  For fun, feel free to check out the fossil of the week every Friday affectionately coined, “FOSSIL FRIDAYS.”  @gillisquarries_ltd
For Industry Professionals Only
After three very successful seasons, Gillis is thrilled to bring back its regularly scheduled quarry tours, one in the month of June and September.  Jackie will be in touch in the spring regarding the dates.  Who will be the next winners of that magical red ukulele?

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In 2016 Gillis Quarries was proud to partner with the Public School Finance Board to offer LEED motivated quarry tours for young students. The incredibly successful program invites students in grades 4-7 to explore the quarry then select fossilized panels to be installed on their school. From Pangea to Plate Tectonics to Rock Types, the kids are given a special hands-on experience that augments the geology module of their curriculum.

These precious events stand out from all the rest. One day, these young bright eyed, inquisitive kids will say to their grandchildren, “Hey, Grandma picked out that fossil!”
Gillis proudly sets up Brock White for distribution in Vancouver, Victoria and Kelowna. This adds to Brock White’s national portfolio and reinforces our partnership in stone supply.


Summer 2016
Gillis supplies a sea of large double-sloped capstone to a significant restoration of the historic Lower Fort Garry; the very first project built with Tyndall Stone back in 1832.

May 2016
Gillis participates in a significant restoration of the largest Tyndall Stone building in Montreal, Le Chateau.  Literally, a city block of Tyndall Stone.  All cut stone elements requiring very careful consideration of bed orientation made possible with Gillis’ multi generational level of expertise.

Gillis completes the supply of 60,000 square feet of Tyndall Stone to the new Saskatchewan Roughriders Stadium in Regina; found on the exterior walls and all throughout the concourse.  This is a bittersweet one for us at Gillis, as we feel the stone will improve the Riders’ record.  GO BLUE!